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Jonni Rose, Leadership & resilience coach, helping you suceed
You are an artist, a writer, a maker, a creative exec:

Where do you want to go?  Promotion? Life/Work Balance? Career Success? 

Why do you want to go there? Dreams and Needs?

How can you get there? Here's your answer.
Intimidated by the hyper-speed that life coaches seem to want to take you?  Busy with Life/Work?  Wondering where to find the time?
Prairie Energy
Does your heart do a happy dance when you see a fabulously, successfully, over-the-top wealthy person speak about their amazing goal setting and scheduling techniques? 

OR…Do you wonder who does their laundry, gets their kids &/or spouse up & going every morning, mows the lawn, run errands all while they are fulfilling their astonishing goals?

You are looking for the JonniRose Life/work success style when: 
·       You are ready to roll on that goal list but also have important life/work to do.
·       You have been aching to try to make change, but life/work intervenes.
·       You want a life coach that GETS YOU and gets your barriers to success.
·       You want a life coach who helps you with direction and gives you that gentle nudge.
·       You want to create time for a daily purposeful stroll rather than dropping everything for an arduous all-out boot camp run.

JonniRose can join you on your GOAL journey to successful change YOUR WAY.
Subject Line: Let's get started!

Seize the day - recreate YOUR life story with Jonni Rose at Sage Prairie! 

Contact: to meet up -- let's get you moving!  -- Doesn't matter where you are, Sage Prairie will meet you there!

Want to build or expand your creative business but need your day job too?
Want a better life/work balance?

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Unleash your creativity! Develop your strengths! 


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