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Here's How to get Started:
Contact: to schedule a free brief phone chat about the creative coaching process -- Doesn't matter where you are, Sage Prairie is there! 

Individual meeting sessions or package discounts.  Your choice.

  • Sixty Day Package: Six in-person or phone/video call sessions plus free "get to know you" session, six phone or email check-ins (In-person session in Lake, Northern Cook, & McHenry Counties, and Chicago Downtown Illinois only)
  • 90 Day Package: Nine In-person or phone/video call sessions plus free "get to know you" session (in-person session in Lake, Northern Cook, & McHenry Counties, and Chicago Downtown Illinois only)
  • Group Sessions: (Workshops, Art Classes & Brown-bags) per # of group members (the larger the group, the more you save!) Groups can be located in the following areas:  Downtown Chicago, Northern Cook, Lake, McHenry counties in Illinois, Kenosha and Walworth counties in Wisconsin.
  • Wait, there's more: Let Sage Prairie know what you need to help you be more creative in your life or work. Customized plans for your transition.

***MBTI® Step I & II Certified to inspire your success***
***Values Assessments to measure what motivates you***
***Strengths Coaching***

Certified Lifestyle Coach Providing You With:
  • Leadership & Resilience coaching to recreate your power story
  • Creative Transitioning one-on-one coaching in person and online
  • Career Coaching & Resume Tune-ups for individual and groups
  • Mindfulness Training and Stress Reduction - Life/work Balance
Group Workshops ONLINE or at YOUR Chicagoland location!
  • Become a better leader
  • Journaling your Creative Journey: the Illustrated Journal
  • The Mindful Lunch©-Stress Reduction at Work
  • How can I Harness the Power of Change©?
  • Don't Quit Your Day Job--Yet! Building Your Creative Business on the Side
  • Now What? Career Transition in Mid-Life

At times I may conduct a web search on clients before the beginning of coaching or during coaching. If you have concerns or questions regarding this practice, please discuss it with me. I do not accept friend requests from current or former clients on my psychotherapy or coaching related profiles on social networking sites due to the fact that these sites can compromise clients' confidentiality and privacy. For the same reason, I request that clients do not communicate with me via any interactive or social networking websites dealing with confidential information. In order to protect your confidentiality, you may not want to connect with me on social media; if you connect and communicate with me on social media as a coaching client you may inadvertently disclose that you are my client.

I will make every effort to ethically protect your unreleased confidential information by using passwords and protecting paperwork with lock and key. However, there are limits to confidentiality if I believe you are a possible harm to yourself or others. Although confidentiality is protected for licensed psychotherapy and counseling relationships under the law there is no law of privilege for coaching relationships.
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